EPICA @ Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL


EPICA Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL

January 29, 2016

Photos and Interview by Tim Anders (Absinthe Moon Photography)


Tim Anders
Tim has been working in the music industry since 2008. He's known throughout Chicago's heavy metal scene by his company's Pitch Black Productions, Absinthe Moon Photography and The Offering Magazine. With these businesses he's dipped his hand in several aspects including artist management, booking, touring, stage prop construction, road crew, photography, interviews and graphic and web site design. Some of his accomplishments that he holds in highest regards include photographing Heaven and Hell (with Dio), photographing Rammstein without getting burned, working with Hanzel Und Gretyl and touring Texas and Mexico with Urn (US). He can't thank everyone enough for the experiences he's had or the friends he's made within the industry. Although Tim's favorite genre is heavy metal, he enjoys many different types of music and as a photographer, he does not discriminate towards any band. In his free time, Tim likes to fish, build various things (he built a flashing/smoking electric chair as a stage prop for the local death metal act Eviscretorium) and go on crazy adventures with his best friend, Penny. Some of his favorite bands are Kreator, Megadeth, Sabaton, Finntroll, Running Wild, Scorpions and Enslaved.