Rob Stresinshe

Rob Stresinshe:

My passion for music began when I discovered heavy metal and I’ve never looked back. Since then I’ve developed a passion for all sub-genres of this scene and have cultivated a collection of almost 1,000 albums and various LP’s. Through this exploration I’ve been able to discover other genres that inspire me including post-rock, shoegaze, country, and folk music. Regardless of the genre, one of my favorite aspects of music is seeing it in a live environment. Whether it is a large scale arena show or a club level venue, there is nothing like witnessing the energy created between the artist and the crowd. This is an experience like none other and one I treasure at every concert I am able to attend.

Some of my favorite artists include Dark Tranquillity, Evergrey, Explosions in the Sky, Iron Maiden, Njiqahdda, and Sam Riggs.