THREE DAYS GRACE @ Austins – Libertyville, IL

THREE DAYS GRACE & 10 YEARS – Live at Austins Fuel Room in Libertyville, IL. October 2013. A photo documentary of the night festivities. Photos take by’s resident Janelle Rominski and Gina Planell.

Photos by Janelle Rominski and Gina Planell

Article by: Gina Planell

This evening’s show was an epic pairing of two exceptional bands as was witnessed by many of the fans who came out to see this event. “I first heard of this show on WI-IL Rock and I knew it was going to be a great night! Both bands are incredible.” claimed Brian H. of Wheeling, IL. “Did you see everyone jumping up and down? I’ve never been here before, if they have shows like this, I’ll keep coming back. I had the best time!” a beaming Laurie J. of Schaumburg told me just after the shows end. It was incredible. The energy was high and the moods were higher. This crowd was ready.

Hailing from Knoxville, TN~ 10 YEARS opened the show to a restless, jam packed group clearly anxious to hear this alternative, hard rock band. Their massive, underground following began in 2005 with their first independent release ‘Killing All That Holds You’. Picked up by Republic/Universal Records and with producer, Josh Abraham, 10 Years created their debut album ‘The Autumn Effect’ which turned gold. After five years with a major label they decided to take control of their own career and launch their label, Palehorse Records, ultimately producing their fourth album by themselves. ‘Minus the Machine’ was an obvious risk but they succeeded achieving their dreams on their own terms. They were about to prove it. The army waiting for them was welcoming … and ready to have their faces melted.

Opening with ‘Fix Me’, 10 Years engaged the crowd with the gradual build of driving energy by the end of this piece the audience was theirs. Singer Jesse Hasek is a ‘natural’ involving his fans with every melody change with new vibrancy. Sometimes being held up as he traveled out into the crowd coercing them to get involved. It continued. The slashing of faces with bass player, Lewis Cosby, pounding rhythmic riffs and swinging his long dreads, helping to lead everyone into a proverbial metal climax. The crowd sang every song as if they were mesmerized into submission. They glowed when a hit was performed that they knew as they obviously related to the harmonic convergence. The final song ‘Shoot It Out’ was in perfect accord with the consensus of the crowd. They wanted more, most certainly and they were about to get it…..

Three Days Grace emanates from Canada. They received a most prestigious 2010 Juno award after being nominated twice before for their artistic and technical musical merits. It is acutely obvious that this band has earned its Platinum status. The band had Formed in 1992 under the name, Groundswell. The current lineup consisting of amazing singer, Matt Walst-former My Darkest Days frontman and brother of bassist insane Brad Walst; busiest drummer alive, Neil Sanderson, singing back vox/keys also; magificent lead guitarist Barry Stock; and keyboardist/back vox, Dani Rosenoer. I found this combination of musical artistry, invigorating, seductive and magnetic all at the same time.

Their new album, Transit of Venus, was featured. They opened with the hauntingly, alluring ‘Chalk Outline’ and went into another serious faction favorite, ‘Just Like You’. ‘Pain’ arrived with tender, metal casualties followed by ‘High Road’, ‘Home’, ‘Get Out Alive’, ‘Break’ had their audience jumping out of their minds! ‘Good Life’ followed which segued into a serious solo by outstanding drummer, Neil Sanderson.
It was obvious that this collection of music entities was very much welcomed by the flocks that attended as well as co-performers. Matt Walsh frequently thanked ’10 Years’ for their performance frequently during the show.

There were flares of rhythmic violence beating into the next song and rendering the entire audience weak with energy injections. A war-chant like environment with flawless transitions into each song, seemed perfectly arranged. The fans screamed nonstop encouraging the musicians to continue after each song ended.

‘Misery’, ‘World So Cold’, ‘Hate’… THEN, Limp Biskit cover song- BREAK STUFF, sending friend/family member, Shawn Hamm to the center forcing the crowd inward, moshing and jumping ubiquitously! It was sweaty, insane and striking! ‘Animal I have become’ continued the onslaught followed by ‘Never too Late’ and finishing with ‘Riot’.

I have to tell you I was planted firmly to the side of the stage. It wasn’t by my own choice, I was forced there by the sold out crowd. I couldn’t move. Little did I know I was the luckiest person there. I caught some of that energy exchange from the audience perspective and back to these metallic giants. I couldn’t sleep for days. It still haunts me into this moment.

Gina Planell (a.k.a 'Sweet G') has literally been an eternal supporter of local music in Chicago. As a youngster trying to earn money to get into college in order to pursue a career in journalism, she became a popular area promoter and photographer as a result of her good skills and work ethic. Learning to type-set flyers, posters and other pressed promotion items was something she became good at not only as a means to reach a goal, but because of the fact that she had a true, unadultered love for music, which in time started making an impact within her music community and scene.