BREAKING BENJAMIN @ House of Blues- Anaheim, CA

BREAKING BENJAMIN @ House of Blues – Anaheim, CA

March 9, 2016

Photos and Review by Dave Safley

Breaking Benjamin with supporting band Starset played to a maximum capacity crowd.

Tour – Dark before Dawn with 110 shows in 2015 and 24 so far in 2016 will continue all the way though August of 2016  closing out the tour in July / August 2016 with Disturbed.

This tour touts the most shows ever, promoting their most current album Dark Before Dawn.

I had always had a few  Breaking Benjamin songs in my favorite playlist , but once I heard they were on tour I dove into the current album tracks as well as tracks from the albums of Dear AgonyPhobia and We Are Not Alone.

Intensely listing to their music really made me appreciate their incredible ability to produce amazing songs – track after track supported by three guitars  bass and drums. Fantastic both musically and lyrically, Breaking Benjamin became one of those bands that you can listen to over and over again – truly a well oiled and seasoned Hard Rock, Post-Grunge / Alternative Metal band.

The band had to take some time off in 2010 due to the lead vocalist Benjamin Burnley dealing with an illness, but came back strong as ever for their most recent album and tour with a refreshed line up: Benjamin Burnley, Aaron Bruch, Keith Wallen, Jasen Rauch and Shaun Foist.

This night also supported auctioning off a signed acoustic guitar along with some signed drum heads for Charity ; all proceeds will go to Saint Jude Hospital. The guitar brought in 1750.00 and drum heads 1500.00.

This stop on the tour did not disappoint , including all the top hits from both the new album as well as tracks from the previous albums. This night was special as it was Ben’s Birthday the following day. To Ben’s surprise as well as all of their fans, midway though the concert just after playing Imperial March, Ben was greeted along with a birthday cake by the one and only Darth Vader from the Star Wars camp along with a storm trooper. Darth delivered the birthday wish with his ever enchanting voice to the much surprised Ben, who shared some words of gratitude for such an amazing surprise. The band then broke into some impressive covers: Tool – “Schism,” Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and Pantera – “Walk.”

The show performances included in order: “So Cold,” “Follow,” “Sooner or Later” (Keith lead vocals), “Angles Fall,” “Firefly,” “Unknown Soldier,” “Simple Design” (Aaron lead vocals), “Ashes of Eden,” “Blow Me Away,” “Imperial March” / “Schism” / “Smells Like Teen Spirit” / “Walk” (birthday celebration for Ben), “Polyamorous,” “Give Me a Sign,” “Believe” (Aaron lead vocals) “Breath” ( with Dustin from Starset), “Failure,” “Fade Away,” “Until the End” (Keith lead vocals), “I Will Not Bow,” and the encore: “The Diary of Jane.”

It was a truly amazing night which was supported by the opening band Starset which warmed up the crowd with their top hits and amazing stage presence and theatrical performance. Interestingly –  the drummer and two guitars rocked all while in full space suits –  in front of a very supportive fan base.



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