CHASE RICE @ The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

March 22nd, 2014

Standing in the Eagle’s Ballroom at The Rave in Milwaukee Saturday night waiting for Chase Rice to come on, Tammy and I could not believe how packed the arena was. We’ve been to a lot of shows there, but we’ve never seen the place so full before the headliner came on. We were impressed at all the people there early to watch Chase Rice as he kicked off the night.

His band came out first, rocking out and head-banging as they built the excitement for Chase. Once Chase ran out, though, everybody cheered and danced together to “How She Rolls.” He went right into “I Like Drinking, Cause it’s Fun,” connecting with nearly everyone in the crowd through the simple statement. Chase split the room in half after that for a battle to see who could yell back “Whoa, whoa, whoa” the loudest. The stadium lit up, and I’m pretty sure people outside, down the block, and even over in other cities could hear the reverberating “whoa’s” that the crowd chanted back at Chase.

His entire show felt like one huge party, with him telling stories, singing, and even rapping about drinking and having fun. He paused before “Look At My Truck” to tell the story of how when he was eight years old all of his friend’s dads drove pick-up trucks, and the best day of his life came when his dad pulled up in a brand new Chevy Silverado, making the whole crowd laugh and remember some funny moments of their own involving pick-up trucks. Chase paused once again to take a minute to thank the crowd for helping to make a song he wrote with his friends in Florida Georgia Line the most downloaded country song ever, and then went on to play a little remix of “Cruise.”

He ended with “Ready, Set, Roll,” and just like they had been doing all night, the audience sang right back to Chase, hands up in the air, dancing and partying like everyone knew each other. Chase posted a picture of the crowd on his Facebook saying “This is my version of March Madness,” and I think that captures the night perfectly: it was the best kind of madness any performer would only hope to look out into the crowd and see.

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Red and Kat’s mini video of the night:

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