David Urmanski

David Urmanski:

As an avid music-lover my entire life, I really dove head first in hard rock and hair metal in the 1980’s when I attended my first concert, Ozzy Osbourne, when I was just 14 years old. This was two months before lead guitarist, Randy Rhoads, passed away from a tragic airplane accident. Needless to say, that concert and subsequent event changed my life forever and I was hooked on rock n’ roll from that point forward. From then on, I attended concerts on a regular basis and skipped school, as needed, so I could wait in line, with film camera in hand, to be front row at the local general admission shows held in Green Bay, Wisconsin in attempt to witness a great show and capture a photo or two of my favorite artists.

In addition to following my favorite bands when they came to town, I also learned to play guitar at age 14 and started my own heavy metal band, Battle Axe, with friends from the neighborhood. Well, now that I am in my 40’s, my life sure has changed. However, few things have also stayed the same…my undying passion for enjoying live music with fellow concert-goers, taking photos of my favorite bands and performing as lead vocalist and lead guitarist in my latest and greatest all-original hard rock band Evade the Enemy. That said, I always enjoy meeting fellow music-lovers and sharing stories so if we should meet in the future, chances are good that I will either have a camera or guitar pick in hand. I hope you enjoy my work!