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Gina Planell has been a supporter and advocate for local music in Chicago for many years.

After experiencing just about every facet of the music industry, including promotion, booking, music arranging, producing, administrative as well as logistics. even radio; she has always returned to her writing. With a degree in Journalism/Media Graphics certification, this is where she feels most comfortable.  It is with her knowledge of music and the industry that she creates her music reviews as well as an occasional feature strictly for the enjoyment of readers.  She brings a different perspective to her impressionistic writing, complimenting the bright spots and ignoring the flaws.

“Anyone can berate another.  Why should I do that?”, she responds when asked about her writing style.  “I prefer to focus on the parts that I see as excellent or extraordinary.  If I don’t like the band, music, etc. chances are you won’t hear me talk or write about them.  I grasped that very early in my writing career.”  She said, “I love music and the arts.  I will always be involved in them at any point in my life and am grateful for this most recent opportunity to create great articles and inspire readers with the vision of my experiences.”

Involved in several charity organizations, it’s her ‘Regional Alliance of Women in Music’ group (circa 2008) that she is most proud. “Giving back is natural to being human.  It’s natural to want to help someone~ or at least, it should be.”

To contact Gina Planell (SweetG):  sweeeetg@gmail.com