Janelle Rominski

Janelle Rominski Photo 1 (1)-2Janelle Rominski’s favorite place to be is in the photo pit.

She has been to over 600 concerts and loves the feeling of being close to so many talented musicians and taking quality photos of their shows.  She began her passion of “rocktography” and show reviews as soon as she could drive herself to concert venues.

At the age of 16, Janelle began working as a street team member for several record labels and music promotions companies, which lead to concert photography opportunities.  She also worked a decade in commercial radio in Chicago and St. Louis both on-air and in management.

Her self-named photography company keeps her busy when she’s not attending concerts.  Her passion for rock concert photography has taken her all over the United States and she enjoyed photographing Disturbed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Halestorm and Adrenaline Mob in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Janelle’s photos have been published in the Daily Herald, Lake County Journal, NBCChicago.com and Patch.com.  She was featured in Lake County Magazine’s ‘Women In Business 2013 – Who’s Who In Lake County” for her photography.

She would like to thank Thousand Foot Krutch, Sully Erna of Godsmack, All That Remains, Edwin McCain, Creed, Nonpoint, 40 Below Summer and all the other recording artists who have shared her photos and reviews on their websites and Facebook fan pages.

Janelle’s current obsession is the song “Lola Montez” from Volbeat.