October 13, 2016

Photos and Review by Cindi Jean Huang

When the word ‘magic’ is used to describe a musician, it isn’t often meant literally. With Lindsey Stirling, it’s meant that way, and every way. Her charisma and performance is not only mesmerizing, but she also amazes her audience with magic tricks on stage during her set. Various disappearing acts and being sawed in half are just a small part of Lindsey Stirling’s eye-grabbing show. Her trademark ability to skillfully play the violin while doing all kinds of acrobatics, dances, and ultra spine bending (all while looking gorgeous by the way) truly makes Stirling a special musician.

Her visit to Rosemont Theatre on her Brave Enough Tour was spiritually moving to say the least. There was something for everyone be it light-hearted, fun video game and film score covers, girl-group choreographed dance routines, a wild west Clint Eastwood homage, Eastern Indian music and bellydancing, dog tricks with Stirling’s dog Luna, and an inspirational and personal message about not giving up and a look into Stirling’s personal journey with God and her touring keyboardist and friend, Jason Gaviati, who recently passed away. After telling her story about Gaviati, she began to play a soft bittersweet song she and Gaviati had been writing together for the new album before his unfortunate death from lymphoma. The LED screens projected a heartfelt video montage of memories they shared together on tour. Stirling continued to play as a single spotlight followed her across the stage. The song ended and the crowd erupted into an uproar of both tears and cheers. The rest of the show continued with an air of determination, hope, high spirits, and beautiful displays of music and its visual pairings. Lindsey Stirling is truly a beautiful spirit and we can’t wait until she comes back again.