Mogwai @ House of Blues – Chicago, IL

 December 2nd, 2017

 Photos and Review by Michelle Nisbet


Mogwai had an incredible performance at the House of Blues in Chicago. From stage presence, to musicianship, and production, this was a show not to be missed. A wide variety of songs from many of the albums kept the audience engaged and wanting more. Light panels surrounding the band created a powerful glow and energy that gradually built up to bold colors as the music got heavier. The sound quality of Mogwai was enormously impressive in a live setting. Beyond the bands ability to perform perfectly, their sound engineer is nothing short of incredibly talented. He carefully represented the band in every way you’d find them on album and more. From guitar tones, to drum production and all that is synth and low end was thorough and precise. I highly recommend checking out Mogwai’s new album Every Country’s Sun and catching them live.