Needtobreathe @ Red Rocks – Morrison, CO


September 12, 2018

Review and Photos by Chris Moran

Since 2011 Needtobreathe has been one of my favorite bands. I first discovered them while aboard The Rock Boat, a floating music festival. At the time the band was touring in support of its hit album “The Outsiders”. I had been listening to the album and enjoying it pretty regularly at the time, but I had no idea what I was in store for when seeing them live.

Depending on when a fan discovered Needtobreathe, they can be classified in a few ways. Although the band does not specifically identify themselves as a Christian Rock band (They frequently introduce themselves as a “Rock and Roll Band from South Carolina”), many of their songs speak to faith and God. Many of their others make no mention of it. At the end of the day, they are a Rock and Roll Band, plain and simple.

I’ve seen more concerts in my life than I can count, and Needtobreathe stands out at the top of my list every time I see them. With each new release the band members grow as performers and become better and better with every single show. What I love best is that they always put a different spin on the songs live. Its not a carbon copy of the recorded version. They are constantly evolving and changing the arrangements of their songs.

One show you may hear one of their big hits such as “Something Beautiful” played as a solo piano version, another a full band version, and another can be stripped down to an intimate acoustic version.

I’ve seen this band play at least 20 times over the years. No show however has stood out like this one. For the last 4 years the band has been playing a yearly show at one of the most prestigious venues in the country, Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO. This venue, carved out into the mountains has some of the most beautiful scenery you can imagine to take in a concert and top notch acoustics to go along with it. No matter what band is playing, Red Rocks itself makes the show that much better.

Needtobreathe are currently on the “Forever on Your Side” tour with dates going into October. They are touring with support act JOHNNYSWIM and others at various venues around the country. Their most recent albums are Forever on Your Side (Niles City Sound Sessions), which is a 4 track EP featuring support act JOHNNYSWIM on the title track, and HARDLOVE which was released in 2016.

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