Chicago IL, November 7th, 2015

Review by Dan Scheiman

The Rock and Roll Pole Show is arranged and produced by the always lovely, yet scandalous, Viva La Muerte of Hot and Heavy Burlesque. This girl really knows how to put on a show. While showcasing some of the best pole dancers in the area as well as giving some girls their first shot on stage, Viva La Muerte put together a fantastic performance.
One of the sponsors, Vertical Sport Fitness, brought out 2 poles, each one at nearly 2 stories tall, and assembled them right on the stage. In between those there was a long red cloth hanging from the ceiling. They had a nice array of lights coupled with a much needed killer sound system for the dancers choice of music. Some of my favorite bands were mixed into the music selections including Tool, Nine Inch Nails, and A Perfect Circle.
Each of the Dancers had their own unique style, but it seemed like every one of them had one particular move that would show off a specific skill or strength that they possessed. Some of the girls had the ability to extend themselves out completely while spinning around the pole, holding themselves on with nothing but the bottom half of their legs. I would imagine that a great deal of professional athletes don’t have the core strength to pull off some of the feats that these girls were able to achieve. The show did not entirely consist of females; there was surprise appearance by the infamous Bobby Spear as well, who the crowd absolutely loved.
Viva La Muerte perfformed her own dance routine, which ended with her smearing fake blood all over herself as it dripped dramatically from her mouth. This, being the first act, seriously fired up the crowd and got everybody ready for what was to come. It is hard to say which of the dancers was my favorite, but I would have to say one of the most unique performers I have seen in quite some time was Miss Pussykat, who used nothing but the red cloth hanging in the center of the stage. She immediately climbed about 15 feet in the air and then gracefully, yet strategically, tangled herself in the cloth as she spun around upside down. Some of the positions she would put herself in were not only impressive, but mind bending and terrifying all at the same time. Just like the pole dancers who would climb to the very top of the pole, she was completely fearless and as graceful as humanly possible in the face of sincere danger.
This experience  really opened my eyes to how much skill, hard work, and dedication it takes to be a legitimate pole dancer, not to mention the unbelievable amount of strength these athletes possess. I will be honest, I had never considered pole dancing to be much more than an erotic tease, but after this experience I now understand that it really is an art, and a competitive and challenging sport at that. It seems like a good portion of why this has been an ongoing project for Viva has been to raise awareness of how involved this art form can be, how good of a workout it is, and to show that a lot of the stereotypes are just simply based on ignorance. She made a statement early in the show about how this is a wonderful outlet for all, and a way for men and women alike to express themselves.
Viva La Muerte is producing 2 Chicago shows to start 2016 off with a bang! January 2nd at Stage 773, and February 27th at Reggie’s Rock Club with Tool tribute band, Vicarious. I don’t know many people that would turn down the idea of gorgeous girls pole dancing while Tool songs are being played live; tickets will be limited so get them while you can! Check out for more info. I want to list all the performers so they get the credit they deserve. All of them were absolutely badass! Thank you to: Viva La Muerte, Ladaska Burton, Molly Meru, Melody Kira, Mandy Higgins, Serena Valenti, Koko, Bobby Spear, Anna May, Ashley Ring, Italia Cordaro, Melissa Schrader, and Miss Pussykat.

 See photos from the event by Nicci Allen click here! : Rock & Roll Pole Show Photos

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