SCOTT IAN talks about upcoming Speaking Words Tour

On Stage Review got to talk to Scott Ian for a few minutes over the phone before he sets out for his Speaking Words Tour! Make sure to catch him in a city near you!

On Stage Review: Hey Scott! How are you?

Scott Ian: Good how are you?

On Stage Review: I’m great! Actually today, you get the 2 for 1. You’re going to be speaking to me and Kat – we do almost all of our interviews together. So we’ve already seen and heard a bunch of interviews about how this Speaking Words Tour got started in the UK and I know you’ve probably got interview after interview asking about that so we’ll skip those details and go right into some good stuff.

Scott Ian: Sounds good! If for some reason the call drops I’m in a weird area and I’ll call you right back.

On Stage Review: Yea no worries! What made you want to tell your stories?

Scott Ian: Well I never really wanted to do this. I wasn’t really proactive about this at all. It’s something I had in the back of my head for a long time, but like I said I never really looked into doing it. Like you said you guys have heard the story a bunch about how it started, it just sort of fell in my lap and those shows in the UK were so fun it made me want to do more.

On Stage Review: I heard you didn’t prepare at all for the first show. Guessing about the first few ones you kind of got the hang of it, huh?

Scott Ian: Yea, you know like with most things in life the only way to learn how to do something is by actually doing it. By getting up in front of a crowd every night on that tour in the UK, after about 6 or 7 shows I actually finally started to kind of feel like I knew what I was doing, like I was learning how to do it. I wouldn’t consider myself a professional storyteller, but I think I know how to handle myself on stage now.

On Stage Review: Talking for so long is tough on your voice, have you learned how to prepare your vocal chords for that or do you just go out there and say “fuck it, my voice will come back eventually!”?

Scott Ian: The only way to prepare would to be just shut up. That’s not something I can really do – I can’t just not talk all day. I am going to warm up, though. I have a little vocal warm up I will do for 15-20 minutes each night, which I didn’t do before so maybe that will help.

On Stage Review: Are you going to be recording any of the shows from this run like you did on the last show of the tour?

Scott Ian: You know I hadn’t planned on it, but I didn’t plan on the other one either so we’ll see.

On Stage Review: Rad, you totally should! You’re running a pledge to get enough money raised to get the DVD launched. There are some pretty random and cool incentives on it… If I were a rich man I’d buy them all and freak you out, but I’m on a budget so I’ll just have to pledge a shirt for now!

Scott Ian: *Laughs*

On Stage Review: Which incentives are you most looking forward to doing?

Scott Ian: Well I’m most looking forward to hanging out in Vegas! That will give me a reason to go to there! I think me shouting out people’s names in the credits will be fun. As soon as that list is in I’ll shoot it with the guy who’s been editing the video and I think that’s gonna be interesting, I’ve never done it before so I’ve been thinking of ideas of how to do it. Also, I think the private show. Hanging with people at a local bar and shooting the shit will be a great time.

On Stage Review: That’s awesome! We love how you interact with your fans on twitter. It must be cool to get to talk to them face to face.

Scott Ian: I figured if I’m gonna use twitter to sell shit, I shouldn’t just use it for that because then what would be the point of following me? I actually enjoy engaging people on there and I have fun doing it.

On Stage Review: We saw the East coast and Canada for this tour – any upcoming West coast dates?

Scott Ian: This is all the time I had right now to do this, so it just made sense to do the east coast because you can pack more shows into a shorter amount of time. West coast is harder because the drives are so long trying to get place to place. Later in the year I hope to find another two-week window and do some West coast dates. Texas dates too if I can because I love it there.

On Stage Review: Well we can’t wait to see it, we’ve got stories after just one summer, we can’t imagine what you have after 30 years!

Scott Ian: Thank you!

On Stage Review: Thanks for taking some time talk to us, we’ll see you next Thursday!

Scott Ian: Right on, spread the word!


Catch Scott Ian’s Speaking Words Tour this Thursday Feb. 20th @ Mayne Stage and in the following cities!

Date City Venue
Thu Feb 20 ’14 Chicago, IL Maynestage  
Fri Feb 21 ‘14 Detroit, MI Token Lounge  
Sat Feb 22 ‘14 Pittsburgh, PA REX Theatre  
Mon Feb 24 ‘14 Cleveland,OH Agora Theater  
Tue Feb 25 ’14 Toronto, ON El Mocambo  
Wed Feb 26 ’14 Kingston, ON Mansion  
Thu Feb 27 ’14 Ottawa, ON Ritual  
Fri Feb 28 ’14 Lancaster, PA Chameleon Club  
Sat Mar 1 ’14 Annapolis, MD Rams Head  
Sun Mar 2 ’14 Philadelphia, PA World Café
Tue Mar 4 ’14 Boston, MA Hard Rock Cafe  
Wed Mar 5 ’14 New York, NY BB Kings  
Thu Mar 6 ’14 Syracuse, NY Lost Horizon  
Fri Mar 7 ’14 West Warwick, RI Manchester 65  
Sat Mar 8 ’14 Portland, ME Port City Music Hall


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