THE PRETTY RECKLESS @ The Sandlot Entertainment Complex – Green Bay, WI

THE PRETTY RECKLESS @ The Sandlot Entertainment Complex
Green Bay, WI

November 25, 2016

Review by David Urmanski

Photos by David Urmanski

What an astounding way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday weekend with such an amazing line-up of rock bands performing at The Sandlot Entertainment Complex in Green Bay, Wisconsin Friday night. The evening started off on a high note when hard-driving rock trio, Them Evils, out of Las Vegas paid tribute to their straight up rock n’ roll roots with crushing notes by guitarist/vocalist Jordan Griffin and a heart-pounding rhythm section consisting of bassist Jake Massanari and drummer David Delaney.  Inspired by rock legends including Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Queens Of The Stone Age, Them Evils set a high bar for what was to come for the remainder of the evening.

Hailing from Des Moines, Iowa American rock band, Holy White Hounds, took the stage as direct support for The Pretty Reckless while elevating their album Sparkle Sparkle.  This quartet from the Hawkeye State, was founded in 2005 when primary songwriters Brenton Dean and Ambrose Lupercal joined forces in an effort to take their alternative rock sound out of the basement to rise to national prominence. Based solely on their performance at The Sandlot Entertainment Complex Friday evening, I believe they are well on their way. Sporting a nostalgic Brett Favre green and gold jersey during their set, frontman Brenton Dean made references to an embarrassing moment in the former Green Bay Packers quarterback’s controversial history after he left the team, however the crowd seemed unphased by such remarks and were there for a show and a show is what they got from Holy White Hounds.

Playing to a near sell-out crowd approaching 1,500 die-hard rock fanatics, New York based band The Pretty Reckless took the stage and proved why they are a force to be reckoned with in the modern age of music where worldwide touring is key to any band’s long-term success as finicky fans are looking for the next best thing. Accompanied by guitarist and co-songwriter Ben Phillips, bassist Mark Damon and Jamie Perkins on drums, lead vocalist and occassional rhythm guitarist, Taylor Momsen, belted out punchy but soothing and meaningful lyrics from Follow Me Down to kick off their set followed by other songs of storytelling from the band’s third studio album Who You Selling For in addition to other chart toppers to include Heaven Knows and encore Fucked Up World.

While The Pretty Reckless diverse influences are apparent in their bluesy riffs and soulful lyrics, they are a band worth seeing in person as their vibe on stage exudes raw emotion and brings the embodiment of their work full circle.  Taylor Momsen is a truly charismatic artist and frontwoman who commands the respect and attention of the crowd.  As a former actress and model who is well-known for her portrayal of Jenny Humphrey in the teen drama series Gossip Girl as well as character Cindy Lou Who, accompanying Canadian-American actor Jim Carrey, in the film Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Taylor has paid her dues and is well deserving of her fame and success.  The Pretty Reckless is a must see for any fan of live music regardless of musical genre preference!





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