April 26th, 2014


After an incredible lineup Friday at Monster Energy’s Welcome to Rockville, we couldn’t wait to see what Saturday had in store. It ended up being just as rockin’ as Friday (if not more, thanks to our two favorites, Kyng and Korn)– read on for a recap of our favorite acts from the day!

The Pretty Reckless

Walking in and heading straight to the Monster Energy East Stage, we watched as the audience grew larger and larger as everyone awaited The Pretty Reckless. The size of the audience drew passerby’s attention, making people stop to ask who was about to take the stage. Upon hearing the answer, many forgot their previous paths and stuck around to check out the band. Everyone who watched, old fans and new, left with TPR’s lyrics stuck in their head after chanting “Heaven Knows.” You can bet Taylor Momsen’s hauntingly dark, one-of-a-kind voice echoed in the back of their minds the rest of the day.


When we found out we were going to be covering Welcome to Rockville we started planning our route to see the most bands we could, and we made sure to put Kyng in as a priority. We have been close to obsession lately listening to their strange mix of rock and metal and Eddie’s incredibly unique vocals. After The Pretty Reckless, we stopped to grab food and got sidetracked looking at all the vendors, losing track of time. Then we heard “Burn The Serum” start, we scarfed down our food and ran to the stage, coming in right as “Electric Halo” began playing, somehow making our way to the front. The Festival did a great job at keeping the crowd cooled down by spraying hoses every few songs, of which we got a nice splash right in our faces, just adding to the smiles we already had from seeing Kyng live. We’re still amazed at how a three piece can sound so full and heavy; each member is incredibly talented and we can’t wait until the next place we get to rock out to Kyng! Check out our Interview with Eddie here!

Black Label Society

We ran over to the Monster Energy Stage West to see Black Label Society next, caught  “Godspeed Hell Bound,” “Destruction Overdrive” and “Heart of Darkness.” The rest of their set included fan favorites like “Overlord,” and “Concrete Jungle.” Midway through their set, Zakk played an awe-inspiring, draw-dropping guitar solo, and after the wave of applause the band went right into another favorite, “Suicide Messiah,” keeping the crowd engaged throughout the entire act. They finished up with “Stillborn,” and immediately after, Zakk put his guitar down and beat his chest like Tarzan, a perfect way to end the raw, animalistic show they had just put on.

Lacuna Coil

While I stayed to watch Black Label, Tammy ran over to the Jager stage to catch the last half of Lacuna Coil’s set. She said the show proved to be an intense one, definitely the kind you would regret not being front row for. Lead singers Andrea and Cristina took turns on the microphone, adding levels of dimension that you can’t normally get from just one singer.  This new diversity kept her and the crowd on their toes the whole set, and their performance left everyone wanting more!

Theory of A Deadman

Theory demolished the Monster Energy East Stage, in a great way. They came out and played a handful of their countless hits like “So Happy,” “Lowlife,” “Bitch Came Back” along with their newest single “Drown.” We love the direction they seem to be going with their new album, “Drown” was one of the heaviest songs I’ve heard from them, with Alice in Chains-like eerie backup vocals. They ended with a crowd sing-along to “Bad Girlfriend,” and then we ran over to the Jager Stage to watch Emmure.


Victory Records based out of Chicago always send us over new Emmure material, so we were stoked to be able to finally check them out. Turns out since Victory Records sends us all their stuff, we knew most of their songs, and had a killer time rocking out during their set! They had unbelievable energy on the stage, hyping up the mid-afternoon, sun-burnt crowd, getting them pumped for the acts ahead.

Five Finger Death Punch

Once they took the Monster Energy West Stage, the crowd had grown to overtake the benches, flowing into the walkways, around the bars and restrooms, and into the grass. FFDP delivered one of the best performances we have seen, never once pausing, going from screaming and shredding along to “Burn MF” into an acoustic “Remember Everything” with just Ivan and Jason. Then, midway through the song, the rest of the band plugged in and powered onto the stage, creating a heart-felt sing-along that could be heard across the entire grounds.  They ended with “The Bleeding,” leaving fans chomping at the bit for another great performance from Korn.


If you’ve ever seen Korn live, you know how lucky everyone at Welcome to Rockville felt as they ended their weekend rocking out to them. If you haven’t seen them live, go online right now, see where they are playing this weekend, buy tickets, and then figure out a way to get there. It will most definitely be worth it. They opened with “Falling Away From Me,” went right into “Twist,” and then played “Got The Life.” They played every song, one after another, with as much energy as most bands have just during their opening and closing minutes. Korn didn’t slow down as the show went on, instead they kept the ball rolling, building and building until the end when they blew everyone in attendance back with “Freak on a Leash” and “Blind.”

Overall, Monster Energy’s Welcome to Rockville ended up being one of the best ways to kick off the spring/summer festival-going season. If you have a chance, make sure to go to one of the other World’s Loudest Month festivals, the dates are listed below.

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Kat Corbo is currently a student at UW-Madison studying Communication Arts and Business. She recently stopped writing for her school's newspaper and moved to the On Stage Review in order to keep her artistic freedom and to be able to freely write and review anything that she felt passionate about. 99% of the time you can catch Kat wherever Red is (don’t be fooled, they WILL drive 6+ hours for a good live show!). They’re a one of a kind duo that hopes to inspire young people their age to see that rock n’ roll is alive and well!