INFECTED MUSHROOM Live Review @ Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL


INFECTED MUSHROOM Live Review @ Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL


by Dan Scheiman

Check out photos from this show by Nicci Allen HERE.

From the very beginning, I could tell this was going to be a high energy show. Everyone in the venue had a smile on their face, most people were already warming up to the opening DJs, and it was clear that the dancing wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. With the unbelievable amount of success this duo has had since 1998 I can understand why there was such a vibrant crowd. Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani and Erez “I.Zen” Aizen have been putting out mind bending psychedelic trance for years and have found themselves on top DJ lists around the world on many occasions due to their unique and surreal style along with their brilliant live performance. 
As one curtain dropped, the venue filled with smoke and everyone screamed. You could see the silhouette of guitarist Tommy Cunningham behind the second curtain as he relentlessly made his axe cry out to the crowd. The band was unveiled along with a giant mechanical mushroom with creepy mobile eye balls and jagged mouths all over it. There were a couple more mushrooms with glowing red eyes on each side of the stage presenting the eerie atmosphere that Infected Mushroom is known for.  As soon as the band started playing, an array of lasers and lights shot across the stage like nothing I have ever seen before. These guys had enough of a light show to fill an entire stadium sized venue.
With Rogerio Jardim laying down drums and Aizen on keys, all they appeared to be missing was a bass player. After about the third song, I realized that they were in no need of a bass player. The pulsating and droning bass tones were easily the cleanest, as well as the loudest I’ve experienced in a venue of this size. The entirety of Concord Music Hall was shaking so violently I thought it might crumble to the ground right then and there. 
Starting out with a Beastie Boys mix, and later on doing a Foo Fighters rendition, these musicians were showing a lot of versatility while still staying true to their trance and electronica roots by keeping the entire place moving throughout the show. Jumping and spinning around on stage, Duvdevani seemed to gather more and more energy as the show went on. During every break in the beat, there was an eruption from the crowd, followed by a trippy synth part or an off-time rhythmic transition to pull the fans right into the next song. These guys hardly gave the audience enough time to take a breath before barraging them again with more  intense, tribal, almost industrial electronic layers.
This show quite literally had my jaw dropped on more than one occasion. The production was wonderful and the intensity was that of a thousand suns. The most unique part of Infected Mushroom’s live performance is the psychedelic effects, but that goes without saying. Do not miss this show if the opportunity arises. 
Dan Scheiman
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