Darkside : Psychic

Kat Corbo

Psychic by Darkside Review for Monday 10/7


Psychic by Darkside takes you on a mystical journey through time and space. I never had been one to enjoy music without lyrics, but this album has a way of sucking you in and slowing you down, making you forget about what you once thought music should be.

The entire album felt like it told a story from start to finish. By starting slow and dark, picking up the pace and bringing you to an edge with harder and faster beats, building until it hit its peak and then finally taking you back down again into its eerie depths resembled a perfect cycle of birth, life and death. The most impressive part is that the album not only told this cyclic story as a whole, it told a mini story just the same inside each song. Darkside also used instruments and sounds in this album that I’ve never heard before, like liquid jazz guitar and space-radio crackle, but at the same time used common instruments in completely new ways to give them new sounds and feels.

I was wary when I first began listening and heard no lyrics because I am not the type of person who can listen to an entire album of just instruments. However, after the first song, the album unwound me and mellowed me out, making me feel like I was floating through space with nothing but the dark, thick sounds encompassing me like a warm, heavy blanket on a cold winter night. I slowly started to chill out from my hectic day, and I could feel my body and mind relaxing as the songs continued.

Just as I got used to the wordless, haunting album and began to sink into the horse-hove-like drum beat of the third song, “Heart,” a soft, haunting voice came over the background like a mysterious ghost and blindsided me. As quickly as it came it disappeared, and it continued to do this throughout the song.

The next time you’re stressing about exams or fed up with a roommate, take a few moments and put your headphones in with Psychic on the other end. Your mind will clear and any problems you thought you had will hide away while you zone out to the hypnotizing beats Darkside conjured in this mesmerizing piece of art.

Kat Corbo is currently a student at UW-Madison studying Communication Arts and Business. She recently stopped writing for her school's newspaper and moved to the On Stage Review in order to keep her artistic freedom and to be able to freely write and review anything that she felt passionate about. 99% of the time you can catch Kat wherever Red is (don’t be fooled, they WILL drive 6+ hours for a good live show!). They’re a one of a kind duo that hopes to inspire young people their age to see that rock n’ roll is alive and well!

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