Shaman’s Harvest @ Route 20 Outhouse – Racine, WI

SHAMAN’S HARVEST @ Route 20 Outhouse – Racine, WI

May 3, 2015

Photos by Tracy Hill


TRACY HILL is a rock and roll junkie whose happy place is with her camera in her hands and elbows on the stage. Tracy says she doesn’t know what to do with her hands if she’s at a concert without her camera! She’s photographed 1000’s of shows and her work has been published in “Tommyland” (Tommy Lee’s bio) and “A Vulgar Display of Power” (Chris A’s book about the murder of Dimebag). Her photos adorn the walls of 95 WIIL Rock’s Studio East and The Brat Stop as well. She lives for live music and cherishes the friendships she’s made with musicians and fans thru the years.